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Meet the designer 

Hi, my name is Torye!

I am attending Texas State University and it was there that my journey into the world of design began. 

My favorite thing to do is share some food and drinks with my friends and family but when it comes to food, I prefer leftovers. There's just something oddly comforting about reheated meals. 


Among my friends, I proudly wear the title of the group's unofficial mom – caring, nurturing, and always ready with a well-timed joke to keep spirits high. My spirit? Well, I believe in embracing life's twists and turns with a smile.


Beyond the world of academia, I'm on a constant journey of self-discovery. There's so much more to learn and explore, and I hope that what little I've shared here piques your interest. Let's connect and share stories, laughs, and maybe even some leftover recipes along the way!

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